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It's time to exercise your power as a fan and support your favorite Bigg Boss contestants. Your votes play a crucial role in determining who stays and who leaves the Bigg Boss house. Make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote daily!

How to Vote:

  1. Select Your Preferred Language:

    Click on the language tab for Bigg Boss Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, or Telugu to choose your preferred version.

  2. Choose Your Favorite Contestant:

    Browse through the list of contestants in your selected language. Click on the image or name of the contestant you want to vote for.

  3. Vote Based on IP:

    Your vote is valuable! Vote based on your IP address to ensure that your choice counts. Remember, every fan can cast one vote per day, so make it count!

  4. Click "Vote Now":

    After selecting your favorite contestant, click the "Vote Now" button to submit your vote.

Stay Updated:

  • Check Results Based on Date:

    Curious about how your favorite contestants are faring? Stay tuned for daily updates on the voting results. Results will be displayed based on the date, giving you a real-time glimpse of the voting trends.

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    Spread the word! Encourage your friends and fellow fans to vote for their favorite contestants. Use the official hashtags to join the conversation and connect with fans across the country.

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Important Notes:

  • Voting Period:

    The voting lines open daily, so make sure to cast your vote within the specified time frame.

  • Fair Play:

    Remember to play fair. Multiple votes from the same IP may not be counted, so let's keep it fair and square.

  • Voting Deadline:

    Don't miss out! Be sure to cast your vote before the daily deadline to have a say in the fate of your favorite contestants.