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Bigg Boss Kannada Seasons Overview

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 (2013):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Vijay Raghavendra
  • Notable Contestants: Arun Sagar, Rohit, Nivedita Gowda

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 2 (2014):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Akul Balaji
  • Notable Contestants: Shwetha Chengappa, Mayur Patel, Deepika Kamaiah

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 3 (2015):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Shruthi
  • Notable Contestants: Master Anand, Madhuri Itagi, Rehman Hassan

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4 (2016):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Pratham
  • Notable Contestants: Malavika Avinash, Kirik Keerthi, Bhuvan Ponnanna

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 (2017):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Chandan Shetty
  • Notable Contestants:Nivedita Gowda, J Karthik, Sihi Kahi Chandru

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6 (2018):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Shashi Kumar
  • Notable Contestants: Andy, Ravi Belagere, Rashmi

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 (2019):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Shine Shetty
  • Notable Contestants: Kishen Bilagali, Vasuki Vaibhav, Chandana

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 (2021):

  • Host: Sudeep
  • Winner: Divya Uruduga
  • Notable Contestants: Aravind KP, Prashanth Sambargi, Vaishnavi Gowda

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 (2022):

  • Host: Kichcha Sudeep (Sudeep)
  • Winner: Roopesh Shetty
  • Notable Contestants: Rakesh Adiga

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 (2023):

  • Host: Kichcha Sudeep (Sudeep)
  • Winner: