Season 1 - Aggressive Contestant


Welcome to Big Boss Telugu Season 1 Voting for Aggressive Contestant

About the Show

Big Boss Telugu Season 1 is the ultimate reality show where contestants from diverse backgrounds come together to live under one roof, facing challenges, forming alliances, and entertaining the audience. As the drama unfolds, you, the audience, play a crucial role in deciding the fate of the contestants.

Vote for the Aggressive Contestant!

We understand that every viewer has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to the contestants. To add a unique twist to the voting system, we've introduced a special category: "Vote for the Aggressive Contestant." This is your chance to voice your opinions and make your voice heard!

How to Vote

Voting is simple and easy. All you need to do is click on the "Vote Now" button below the contestant you think deserves the title of the Aggressive Contestant. Each vote is linked to your device's IP address to ensure fair and transparent results.

Important Information

  • Fair Play: We encourage fair play and honest voting. Please refrain from using any means to manipulate the voting system.
  • IP Address Verification: Your vote is tied to your device's IP address to prevent multiple votes from the same user.
  • Privacy: Rest assured, we respect your privacy. Your IP address is only used for voting and is not shared or stored for any other purpose.


The results will be announced periodically, revealing the contestant with the highest number of "Aggressive Contestant" votes. This adds an exciting element to the show and keeps the contestants on their toes!

Get Involved!

Don't miss this opportunity to participate actively in the Big Boss Telugu Season 1 experience. Your votes can influence the dynamics of the game and contribute to the drama and excitement of the show.